Here is what we can bring to the party !
We can provide access to The Pernod Ricard / Convivialité Ventures network.
We bring us a strong point of view, expertise on and insights into consumer trends and future markets.
Our experts in operations, sales, marketingand distribution can work with you to share their insights and experience.
We can become a channel partner and provide access to customers.
We can test and validate your technology, product or service, and help with user acquisition and/or engagement.
We can become an early customer, providing revenue streams.
We lend brand recognition to give you greater credibility.
Last but by no means least, of course, we can invest capital.
Community and Events

Convivialité Ventures hosts events bringing together people from our community. Dinners, happy hours, discussions on subjects ranging from new hospitality business models, to what’s new in the space of virtual concerts, or to how to make good cocktails. Convivialité is not only our mission and raison d’etre, it is also the way we operate.