Convivialité, the pleasure of sharing experiences together.
The word convivialité comes from the Latin Convivere, meaning ‘to live together’. It also means ‘to share a meal’ and has always represented sociability.
It is a fundamental human need and essential to us all. Each culture has its own local customs, but convivialité is universal.
At Pernod Ricard, we strongly believe in the power of Convivialité.
It is what we stand for.

Today Pernod Ricard creates convivialité through its portfolio of drinks brands, which this is one of the ingredients that make up pleasurable moments. The Pernod Ricard vision goes beyond its current offerings, and in the future we want to enable more diverse shared experiences, by providing the other ingredients…

How will we interact? Where will we meet? What will we use to entertain? We intend to answer these questions.

As society moves away from the desire to ‘consume’ and own goods, and towards the desire to experience, Convivialité Ventures looks forward, in order to understand how technology, products, services and business models will shape the future of socializing.

“In a world where technology can easily drive people apart, our passion is to bring people together in new ways. Our mission is simple — to invest in startups that deliver real-life, shared experiences, leveraging emerging technologies and creating cutting-edge digital platforms to create new convivial moments.”
Stéphane Longuet, Convivialité Ventures
The future of convivialité
We see a world full of people socializing in innovative and inspiring ways.

Convivialité Ventures will move beyond Pernod Ricard’s traditional wine and spirits offerings, to cultivate radically different products and services that will enhance and change the way people come together, to socialize and entertain, in the future.

New convivial spaces are emerging, creating new opportunities for entertainment.
Consumer aspirations are shifting towards experiences.
New ways to socialize over distances are being developed.
The acceptance and appreciation of diversity is driving new experiences.
New ways of socializing that are invigorating and healthy are emerging.