We invest in companies creating moments of convivialite.

On-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app, everything from food and beverage to drugstore.

The wedding company that'll do anything for love. Everything you need for your wedding in one place: registry, gift shop, invitation, website, venue bookings, etc.

The Netflix of experiences in your city. City specialists and data scientists working together to bring the most demanded and curated events to Fever app.

“Getting together somewhere better”. Venue bookings marketplace for professional events to meet, to create or to celebrate.

The new hotel experience: a network of hotel rooms located in private apartment buildings. Skip the front desk / space designed for living / dedicated concierge.

Go together, go far. A super premium group getaway vacation booking marketplace. Stay in awesome houses, enjoy the services of the best hotels.

Get pool, spa, and amenity access at luxury hotels and resorts. Take a #daycation.

Live virtual concerts for a worldwide audience

Co-living is city made better: private rooms rental in beautiful friendly shared housing.

New super-premium, healthy and indulgent non-alcoholic drink made with baobab, that can be consumed in convivial settings

Social calendar -Follow your friends, favorite sports teams, musicians, comedians, local venues, and more. Do more of what you love with the people you love.

100% mountain water from the Alps, to murder your thirst. In aluminum cans, which can be recycled infinitely, to discourage the use of plastic bottles.