We see five key areas where we think we can make the difference.
Through Convivialité Ventures, Pernod Ricard will embrace opportunities beyond wines and spirits, moving into services and experiences within the conviviality space, including hospitality and entertainment.
Real-life social network
The rise of experiential conviviality connectors...

The rise of experiential conviviality connectors… In an increasingly virtual world, how can digital help create ‘in real life’ social moments, taking people away from their screens and out of their homes? As conviviality moves away from materialism, who is creating services and products that will help us build bonding experiences, connecting consumers with shared values and sensibilities?

Augmented home entertainment
Exploring the home as a prominent stage for convivialité...

As the home becomes the central platform for conviviality, how can we better augment and improve consumer experiences?

Redefining the retail experience
Creating an elevated shopping experience...

With the shift towards alcohol consumption outside of traditional venues, how can we have both an ultra-convenient and strong experiential approach to marketing and selling our brands?

Virtual togetherness
Making virtual interaction and socializing more convivial...

As new technologies transform the way we interact, how can we improve convivialité in virtual social scenarios? How can we leverage virtual reality and augmented reality, to create a better sense of togetherness in the online world?

Conscious Hedonism
Invigorating offerings that facilitate responsible consumption

People want to consume hedonistically without compromising. How do we offer more convivial products or services that are truly indulgent yet good for the environment, and also contribute to people’s wellbeing?