Inventing the future
of convivialité
Inventing the future of convivialité

Créateurs de Convivialité… This is who Pernod Ricard is.

We believe that nothing compares to the pleasure of sharing experiences together.

We partner with and invest in startups that deliver innovative services and experiences to redefine the future of convivialité.

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur who shares our vision, we want to hear from you.

The future of convivialité

Convivialité will always be a fundamental human need. Pernod Ricard’s vision goes beyond its current offerings and Convivialité Ventures will help create more diverse, radically different shared experiences, through innovative products and services that change and enhance the way people come together to socialize and entertain in the future.

Who we are

As Pernod Ricard’s venture arm, Convivialité Ventures’ mission is to shape the future of socializing. Our team, based in San Francisco, supports entrepreneurs creating new conviviality offerings.

What we're looking for

Convivialité Ventures is embracing opportunities beyond wines and spirits, moving into services and experiences within the conviviality space, including hospitality and entertainment.We’re interested in meeting like-minded innovators who want to make a difference in the key areas we are exploring.

What we bring

Convivialité Ventures brings you the access to the Pernod Ricard network, capital, expertise, partnership opportunities and last but not least… Convivialité !